Reality TV personality, glamour model and photographer Anna ‘AK‘ Kelle first rose to fame as the resident empowered female and “boss” on the 2011-2013 MTV reality television series ‘The Valleys’. 

The show aired in many countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and Italy.

After quitting the show in late 2013, AK went on to make many press headlines and tabloid front covers thanks to an array of relationships/flings with celebrities such as Premiership footballer Ashley Cole and rugby hunk Danny Cipriani.
A strong, feisty, driven and positive-thinking woman, AK’s TV debut on The Valleys soon put an end to the bimbo glamour model stereotype that some people may have previously had about her. “The usual preconception is that all models are attractive but have zero intelligence– I’m proof that’s not true,” says AK.
And if you need further proof that she’s a force to be reckoned with, consider that she was in the Navy and worked as a bouncer for years (no, really!!), before forging a successful career in the World of glamour modelling and reality television!
Being in the Navy and working as a bouncer both helped mould her in to the no-nonsense woman she is today: “I’m a tough bitch, I don’t suffer fools gladly and don’t deal with divas either! Many people say I intimidate them and am too blunt, but I just don’t like people who think the World owes them success. They need to work for it!” says AK.
With this attitude, it’s no surprise she landed the role of the boss/mentor on “The Valleys”!
Besides her TV work, AK also found success as a glamour model working for many brands and publications such as Nuts, Zoo, Daily Star, Loaded and The Sun to name a few… However, after becoming frustrated by several “pervy” photographers she met in the modelling industry, she chose to train as a photographer and launched a successful photography business. She now shoots well-known celebrities and models for National magazines and newspapers.

In Spring 2016, AK returned to our TV screens when she starred in ITV’s popular television show “The Big Fish Off”.