Kayla Jenkins, best known as Okaylaaa, is an Award-Winning YouTube Blogger, influencer and make-up artist from the UK.
Fiercely passionate about beauty from a young age, 23-year-old Okaylaaa is a self-taught make-up artist who enjoys using cosmetics to create different looks, hide flaws and boost confidence.
The charismatic beauty launched her Instagram page @Okaylaaa a couple of years ago, posting inspirational photos of her amazing make-up results and techniques. After building-up a large following on her Instagram account that’s currently just shy of 105,000 followers, in late 2015, she started doing YouTube videos to help teach women everywhere how to enhance and embrace their natural beauty with easy steps, product reviews, and tutorials.
With 590,000 subscribers on her make-up & style YouTube channel: ‘Okaylaaa’ , Okaylaaa has reached 19 million+ views and her channel continues to grow exponentially, as she influences women everywhere on easy ways to not only boost their looks, but also their confidence! In August 2016, YouTube presented Okaylaa with an award for her channel.
Outgoing, sassy, humorous and always true to herself, Okaylaaa likes to keep a close relationship with her followers, interacting with them as much as possible.
“My YouTube content is fun and all about good vibes. I make it more personal and down-to-earth than many YouTubers. I don’t focus on everything being serious or absolutely perfect, it’s more about having fun with make-up, just experimenting and trying out new things,” says Okaylaaa.
Okaylaaa’s budding beauty empire has seen her became a brand ambassador for many companies including Milk & Blush; Hot Miami Styles, Benefit Cosmetics, GlassesUSA; Bellami Hair; Karity Cosmetics; ICONIC London and Scentbird. In winter 2017, the self-proclaimed animal-lover launches her lash line ‘Okaylash’, which includes 100% Vegan-friendly products.

Okaylaaa’s Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/okaylaaa

Okaylaaa’s Official YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/okaylaaaj