With a TV, acting and music career that spans 35 years, to categorize La Toya Jackson as anything less than a phenomenon, does not seem appropriate. La Toya, with the element of surprise in always reinventing herself, does it with such ease, that her fans always have to take a second look. Growing up as one of the famed and legendary Jackson family that bordered on American Royalty, La Toya knew that she was constantly under scrutiny.

With her faith and tenacity, La Toya always prevailed. Her approach was that of independence and she was often considered the maverick of the family. This is evident from her career success, which is diverse as conquering Playboy’s Magazine history by selling more than 8 million copies in one month, receiving an “A” for her “Step-Up Workout With La Toya Jackson” exercise video, signing a multi-million dollar deal with the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, making the New York Times bestseller list with her autobiographical book titled “La Toya, Growing Up In The Jackson Family,” showing off her vocal talents as a solo artist on several singles and albums from 1979 through to the current day, training to be a police woman for TV show ‘Armed & Famous’ in 2008, appearing on ABC’s 20/20, Larry King Live, CNN, VH-1 All Access and almost every other major media outlet show in the world!

In early 2009, La Toya starred in one of the UK’s leading celebrity reality shows, Celebrity Big Brother. Aired on TV network Channel 4, Celebrity Big Brother showed the viewing public and press just how delightful, kind, funny, beautiful and smart La Toya is. It seems there’s no end to La Toya’s appeal and talents!

La Toya took part in the TV series, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in the USA in March 2011 and, in April 2013, La Toya’s docu-series “Life With La Toya” debuted in the US on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) with record-breaking ratings! The series has been re-commissioned for 2014.

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