Becoming a Fashion Model: Tips to Break into the Industry

Tyra Banks. Naomi Campbell. Gisele Bundchen. These are only some of the benchmark names in the fashion industry, and these icons all started out as models. If you're one of those many girls who aspire to follow in their footsteps, read on, because you could use the following tips to make it big in the industry.

Take care of your image

The industry is all about image and aesthetics, those who stand out from a crop of beautiful faces have more chances to thrive. To be able to get noticed, you have to take care of your assets, i.e. your face, skin and your image. Gorgeous skin is a must for models. After all, their job is to represent beauty. In addition, models need to maintain a certain weight, so you have to watch your diet and exercise regularly. Agencies are always looking for healthy and vibrant models, not skinny girls who look undernourished. Aside from keeping fit, you should also learn the ropes in applying make-up and dressing up your body to highlight your best features. To help build your image, you can find more ideas on these sites:

Show off your personality

While having the right height and interesting features will definitely get you noticed, possessing a strong personality and character can help in getting you booked by an agency. In this industry, being charming and professional will help you build the connections you need to thrive, while being a diva can ruin your career before it has even started. People in this industry love models that are a joy to work with and are secure about themselves.

The Basics

Your very unlikely to get ahead in the modelling industry in this day and age without the backing of a professional management team but this can be costly and when you're just starting out the costs involved may well be prohibitive. Investing in a virtual office in Sydney might be the perfect compromise offering many of the benefits of an office, at only a small fraction of the cost.

Be a fighter

Beyond the designer clothes, freebies and bright lights, the modelling world is a tough, mercurial one that isn't for the faint-hearted. Before you even get to hit the runway, you'll face lots of rejection from modelling agencies. Don't take these personally. Even top models got plenty of no's before they became successful. It's all part of the game. The good news is you can increase the chances of getting more bookings with the help of a talent and PR agency. They can help you can secure more modelling contracts by raising your profile and creating a positive buzz around your personal brand.

Do your homework

Getting caught unprepared can make you look unprofessional. As a model, you need to be comfortable in front of the lens. That said, you have to know how to work with your body and what are your best angles. Practise posing and try out different facial expressions in front of the mirror so you can be more at ease during photo shoots. Confidence is key to getting great shots. In addition, practise your runway walk before you attend “go sees” or open call castings. Moreover, be sure to research modelling agencies before submitting your test shots. This will help you avoid scams from bogus bookers that require you to pay for modelling classes or photo sessions. A legitimate agency will guide you in your career and help you build a portfolio.

On a final note, if modelling really is your passion, make the industry see that you have what it takes to be on the runway or grace the cover of glossy magazines.