Under the Bright Lights: Making It Big Professionally in the Entertainment Industry

Do you have a knack for telling great stories? Do you have musical inclinations via singing or playing an instrument? Ever had people come up to you and say you could be on television? If any of these questions apply to you in some capacity, then you might want to consider working in show business. The entertainment industry is a highly challenging yet creative field where anyone can make their mark either in front of a camera or microphone or behind the scenes making entertainment magic happen.

While becoming a famous celebrity is a common fantasy many people share, it is not enough to just have talent to make it into showbiz. Dedication, perseverance, and a lot of hard work are needed, as many popular artists can certainly attest to. Should you find a yearning to shine in the spotlight, here are some of the top careers you might want to consider for a creative and compelling career in entertainment:


All those years of participating in school plays and amateur theatre productions will certainly pay off big time, since many famous actors and actresses you see on film and television also had such humble beginnings. But if you really want to consider a serious path with acting, it is strongly advised that you take acting classes from a reputable performing arts conservatory to hone your dramatic chops and perfect your comedic timing to land successful auditions for film and television roles.


Whether you prefer to shine as a solo singer or instrument player for a band or classical orchestra, the world of music offers a broad range of careers. Like acting, musicians need to undergo proper training in an arts school to develop talent. However, many famous singers and instrument players still achieved considerable success without undergoing any formal training in music. Behind the scenes, music lovers can also work as songwriters, producers, sound engineers, or even as roadies for a rock band!


Many great movies, television series, and even talk shows are conceived by really talented writers who come up with the materials needed to tell the story. People who have a strong proficiency in writing, paired with a sharp mind and active imagination, are well-suited to become writers for major production studios and media outlets. Writers are even genre-specific—drama, comedy, suspense, thriller, action, fantasy, supernatural, animation—as there are creative minds who cater to a particular audience.