Marissa Jade is an American model, reality star and actress best known for being a cast member on the popular British TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” (2017) and VH1’s “Mob Wives”, season 6.

As an actress, she has made appearances on several television shows including Gossip GirlThe Good Wife, and Law & Order, as well as movies like Elf. 

Her modelling career has seen her work with many brands and star in photo shoots for several magazines including Image & Style, Kandy Magazine and One. She was also used as a muse for the comic book, Destiny, Queen Of Thieves. 

Despite her stunning feminine appearance, this 32-year-old is fierce, feisty and a no-nonsense tomboy, having grown-up as the only girl in a big household with six brothers!

Marissa has an 8-year-old son named Jaiden, whom she raises on her own.

Marissa has some exciting new projects lined-up for late summer 2017 – watch this space!


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