renee-mainModel, Maxim Cover Girl & Social Media Sensation.

Standing at 5ft 10″ tall, Australian supermodel Renee Somerfield has been a part of the modelling industry since her early teens. With her thick, blonde hair, piercing green eyes, sun-kissed skin and all-round good looks – it serves as no surprise. Only now in her early twenties, this completely natural young woman is well on her way to international stardom. Well-known for her girl-next-door nature and engaging bubbly personality, Renee has often been cited as a ‘pleasure to work with,’ and thus holds multiple achievements under her belt.

This Maxim magazine cover girl is one of Australia’s leading and most booked models today, Renee is the name on everyone’s lips and the face of every brand.  Not only does Renee front campaigns and shoots for a number of fashion labels – but with her HUGE social media following – we’re talking almost 1 million followers on Instagram alone  – she is able to sell a dress right off of her own back. This ability is one that comes naturally to Renee, and one that is very useful for the fashion industry, scoring her a number of prestigious business deals around the World. She’s also featured in shoots for many well-known magazines Worldwide.

Hailed by many as one of the most beautiful women in Australia, this smart and business-savvy model has been included in the Top 25 of the ‘Maxim Hot 100’ list two consecutive years running – taking the front cover of the 2013 edition. No easy feat. She has featured in several Australian commercials for leading brands such as Lipton Ice Tea and landed an acting role in the international blockbuster movie, San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson (aka ‘The Rock‘), which is evidence that Renee is willing to push herself outside her comfort zone! 

Renee has definitely built herself an extremely successful career in a very short time.

On a personal level, Renee is also a strict and devoted vegan, and an animal rights advocate. Openly involved with countless animal rights organisations, she uses her name to bring attention to issues of importance. Having fronted the LUSH Cosmetics “Divine Whale” campaign, and raised money for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as well as utilizing her social media following to create hype and awareness, Renee acts as not simply a model, but also, a role model. This is a responsibility she takes very seriously and holds incredibly close to heart – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In April 2015, Renee was signed-up as the face and body of Protein World’s “Are You Beach Body Ready” campaign.

The campaign caused controversy and, as a result, Renee was at the centre of many press stories Worldwide. Renee strongly defended the campaign and the meaning behind it, voicing her opinion with class and intelligence.

With her sights set on World domination and thanks to her sunny disposition, pro-active, friendly, and  incredibly determined attitude – Renee Somerfield is definitely the girl to watch!