Below are testimonials from some of our celebrity clients, past and present… 

Coolio – (rapper, actor & TV star)

“My UK agent Chrissy at Intrigue is the BEST! I’ve been signed with her for over 7 years now. She definitely knows her stuff and delivers the goods. I highly recommend Intrigue Management to anyone.”

Brigitte Nielsen – (Actress, TV star & model)

“I just want to express my total satisfaction with Intrigue Management and, especially my agent Chrissy Johnston, for their professionalism and kind attention that they pay to my image and career in England and abroad.”

Paddy Doherty – (Celebrity Big Brother winner & Reality TV star)

“Intrigue Management have done a lot for my career, including securing two television series with a major network, an autobiography book deal which went on to be a bestseller, photo shoots, personal appearances and much more. I’m grateful for the hard work they put in.”

Nicola T (aka Nicola Tappenden) – (TV Star & model)

Intrigue Management pushed hard and landed me the popular TV show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ despite the fact that I didn’t have a massive profile before joining the agency. You won’t find a better celebrity agency than Intrigue.”

Nicola McLean – (TV personality, WAG & model)

“Intrigue Management raised my profile and started my TV career in 2009 by getting me cast on to the massive ITV television show ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’  Intrigue turned me in to a celebrity, securing plenty of work within the entertainment industry!”

Gemma Calvert, Writer for Fabulous Magazine & The Sun Newspaper

“Chrissy at Intrigue has got the ideas and knows how to make them work, she’s a pleasure to deal with every time.”

Arron Lowe – (Model & British Reality TV star)

“If you want a management team that’s loyal, pro-active, honest and dedicated, choose Intrigue Management!”

Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan – (French and US Reality star)

“Intrigue Management booked me a major TV show in the UK, launching my career over there. They are amazing!”